8 Ways to Use Your Corporate Production Studio

December 11, 2023
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corporate production studio

When considering whether to invest resources in a corporate production studio, the cost of design and integration is only part of the equation. The most important factor is ROI. If you can maximize use of your broadcast and content production facility across functionalities and departments, the investment can quickly pay for itself.  

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of a corporate production studio. And as you consider them, remember too that with the right technology partner, virtually every aspect of design and integration can be customized to meet your unique needs.  

1. Produce and participate in media interviews and panel discussions

Time is money for top executives. If c-suite and other high-profile team members appear often in the media, consider how much of their time you can save with in-house production capabilities versus having to get them to and from an off-premises studio, for example.  

2. Deliver addresses remotely

In a hybrid world, keynote speakers and event panelists often appear remotely. An in-house corporate production studio gives your people the ability to participate in a manner that represents your organization to its best advantage. We’re not talking about desktop video with office lighting and scratchy audio. You can have a broadcast quality presence that ensures total clarity of communication and optimal visuals.

3. Host town hall and state-of-the-company meetings in company auditoriums or theaters

When you think about a corporate production facility, you may imagine a studio, control room and editing room. But a control room can serve multiple purposes and enable organizations to use a wide variety of spaces for content generation. In theaters and auditoriums, lobbies, and even large meeting rooms, control rooms provide the capability to produce impactful all-hands meetings and town halls. You can even produce events that simultaneously connect audiences in multiple, widely dispersed venues.

4.  Conduct employee training & onboarding content

Organizations seeking to engage audiences across locations need to provide a uniformly high-quality experience for all participants. This is especially important when it comes to employee training and onboarding. Here a corporate production studio can be invaluable in the production and dissemination of effective training and education. High production values help remove barriers to understanding and enable you to reach large, dispersed audiences with easily absorbable content.

5.  Host investor meetings

High-stakes events like investor meetings need to impress on-premises and remote audiences alike. A corporate production studio can make it easier to host your event at your organization’s headquarters. It can also facilitate post-production editing and other tasks – an important benefit when time is of the essence (say when earnings have to be reported by a certain date). Moreover, in-house production makes it easier to repurpose content for other purposes.

6.  Produce product launch events and sales meetings

For events of this nature, excitement, both for on-premises and remote audiences, is key. A corporate production studio will help assure a uniform experience for all attendees, while extending the reach of your events. In many cases, having in-house production capabilities enables you to communicate faster and more nimbly, especially when your usual outsourced production resources are fully booked.

7.  Produce television content from your in-house studio

Take greater control over your media presence and marketing capabilities by producing television content ranging from live TV, commercials, talk shows, and more. Your in-house production teams can create a wide variety of content while ensuring consistent branding across platforms. Typically, shooting, reshooting, editing, setup and other tasks can also be handled with greater speed and convenience by a corporate production studio vs. an outsourced resource.

8.  Create a wide range of marketing content

Think about the use of video for product launch events. That’s just one application for a corporate broadcast studio. You can support the new product intro with teaser videos, introductory videos, commercials, testimonial videos, explainer videos, and training videos. Have spare capacity? Go to town creating compelling social media content. If your organization is like most enterprises, it will have a video channel. In-house production can help you put it to full use.

Take charge of today’s media environment with a corporate production studio

In today’s media environment, audiences not only expect a strong video presence from the brands they engage, they all but demand it. Think, too, about how many audiences you actually have, including customers, partners, staff, media, investors, and other stakeholders. A corporate production studio can help you optimize your relationship with every audience by producing high-quality content nimbly, professionally, comprehensively and, yes, economically. 

Your first step in investigating the possibilities is to talk to a qualified technology partner with both a strong record of achievement and a well-earned reputation for cutting-edge capabilities. Share your vision for what you want to achieve and challenge your partner to bring your ideas to life.

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How does a corporate production studio budget allocation impact its versatile applications across departments?

A corporate production studio requires a significant investment in design and integration, and will also entail ongoing operating costs. A well-designed facility, however, will enable you to create a wide variety of content to meet the needs of multiple departments. Some organizations justify the expense of a production facility by looking at the capabilities and efficiencies it brings to an executive team charged with communication to investor, media, employee, and other audiences. Other enterprises also use their facility for training and onboarding, as well as a vast array of marketing applications. The more ways you can use your studio, the more widely its costs can be shouldered throughout your organization. 

What advantages does an in-house production studio offer compared to field-based content creation?

Field based content creation is typically outsourced to production partners that have other customers who compete for their time and resources. Consequently, a major advantage of in-house production is the assurance of having resources at the ready, essentially around the clock. If used often enough, in-house production facilities will also save money vs. external contracted resources. 

How can a corporate production studio facilitate dynamic video creation for diverse company departments?  

A corporate production can facilitate dynamic video creation for diverse company departments in two major ways. Flexible design can enable a wide variety of productions, while a well-trained, dedicated team can ensure ready availability of those capabilities. To maximize the amount and quality of dynamic video content you create, it’s essential to consult a qualified technology partner. Their insights and skills will ensure a versatile, robust and reliable production capability. 

What are some examples of effective corporate production studio usage across various departments? 

An organization’s executive team can realize enormous value from a corporate production studio by using its capabilities to communicate more easily and professionally with the multiple stakeholders to whom they are accountable. Human Resources can make use of the very same technology to create high-quality training, onboarding, recruiting, safety, and other video content. Sales and marketing can also keep a production studio busy by making a wide variety of content to support product development, new product launches, marketing and branding.  

Evan Davis
Evan Davis
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