Kansas State University Athletics

Project Overview

Expectations were high for two projects at Kansas State University, an institution renowned for its tech-forward sports venues. One involved a control room upgrade to enable broadcast television production at the West Stadium Center; the other, a completely new control room for videoboard production at the new Morgan Family Arena volleyball facility. Building on our past work at KSU, Alpha and Sony reunited to take the fan experience to a whole new level.
Sony camera chains
Sony professional monitors + displays
production control rooms

Project Details

Kansas State University Athletics

West Stadium Center & Morgan Family Arena – Manhattan, KS

IT Networking
CAD Support + Drawings
Streaming/Encoding Video
3rd Party Data Integration
Broadcast Video Construction
General Contractor Coordination


Kansas State University has always invested in top-tier broadcast solutions. For the last ten years, in fact, a system provided by Alpha and Sony had earned raves from K-State’s technical staff and fans alike. In 2023 we answered the call again. But this time we had an additional constituency to satisfy: the students who would learn from and assist in the integration of a dramatic control room overhaul to enable broadcast television production at West Stadium Center, and the creation of an entirely new facility for videoboard production at the new Morgan Family Arena volleyball facility. “KSU employs high-end technology not only for the fans, but as a training tool for students,” says Alpha EVP for Sports and Live Events Jeff Volk. “To maximize the experience for all, we teamed up with Sony to deliver a solution that was professional-grade and accessible.”


K-State challenged Alpha and Sony to extend its legacy of leadership, especially in content creation for TV and video boards. “We went all in on imaging,” says Volk. That meant an array of 10 Sony system cameras (plus three specialty cameras, 13 cameras in all) – “more than most professional venues will buy.” Combining eight principal stations and two high-frame-rate stations, the setup enables ultra-sharp slow motion and instant replays. “The high frame rate really stands out,” says Mike DesRoches of Sony. “It gets KSU to the next level of storytelling.” Just as important, Volk and team outfitted both control rooms to take full advantage of the content, while fiber optics enabled easy sharing between the two facilities. Says Volk: “KSU may be a Power Five school, but the experience it delivers is professional all the way.”



Everybody had something riding on this project’s success. For the client, its reputation for providing a superior fan experience and top-quality technology education was on the line. For Alpha and Sony, earlier success at KSU meant we had to eclipse past achievements. Raising the stakes even higher were cost constraints that required smart decision making and hard bargaining. But here’s where Alpha’s and Sony’s long partnership paid off. “We knew what KSU needed,” says Volk. “To succeed, we had to ensure the PO matched client intent. And that’s what we did.” And the results? “They’re ecstatic,” says Volk. “They’re ecstatic with image quality and production quality.” That’s what happens when you fulfill everything on a client’s wish list. “K-State simply couldn’t be happier.”


"A key to success on this project was understanding what the client wanted while being able to draw on a wealth of knowledge to extend their perspective.”

Mike DesRoches
Sony National Accounts Organization – Sports West & New Media