Alpha Is A Member Of The PSNI Global Alliance

Realizing Your Vision – No Matter How Far It Reaches.

Alpha’s membership in the PSNI Global Alliance enables us to provide seamless, end-to-end technology solutions, wherever your project is located.

The most recognized network of technology providers for communication and collaboration, PSNI gathers and rigorously certifies the top AV and UCC technology providers and enables them to work as one organization through the PSNI Global Deployment Process. From project discovery, to proposal and scope, to service and support, each step in PSNI’s certified process ensures seamless performance between rooms and across countries.


Local Presence, Global Reach

World-renowned brands rely on Alpha to bring their vision to life. Our partnership with PSNI Global Alliance amplifies our capabilities and extends our reach to satisfy each client’s unique project and geographic goals. Moreover, the comprehensive, localized support made possible through the alliance ensures uniform, frictionless execution at every stage of the project lifecycle.