Alpha Video’s New Brand Identity and Strategy Invite the World to “Experience Possible.”

January 27, 2023
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Building on Alpha Video’s multi-industry mastery and end-to-end capabilities, the company has debuted a new brand identity and strategy focusing on its ability to deliver experiences that make its clients’ vision possible.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minnesota, January 27, 2023 – Alpha Video today announced a new brand identity and strategic focus that invites the world to “Experience Possible.” The result of in-depth outreach to clients, partners and staff, the sweeping initiative aligns every aspect of the customer experience to reinforce and extend the company’s unique ability to make each client’s vision possible.

One of the more noticeable changes: The word “Video” has been dropped from the company name. “We are now simply Alpha,” says CEO Kevin Groves. “Today our expertise extends so far beyond video that the old name no longer felt true to who we are.”

Along with the name change, “The first thing our clients, partners and stakeholders will notice is our updated brand look & feel,” continues Groves, “but that’s just the most visible aspect of a much broader strategy in service of our mission, which is to deliver exceptional and captivating experiences that inspire, educate and entertain audiences on any scale.

The substance behind the strategy

“Since our founding in 1970, Alpha has continuously evolved to serve our clients. But this latest chapter in our evolution stands apart from all that have come before, both in scale and substance,” explains Groves.

“Our companywide focus on operational excellence will ensure that we continue to deliver high levels of satisfaction to our clients and partners. Ongoing investments in technology evaluation ranging from IPTV to cloud production will enable Alpha to create and deliver the very best solutions going forward. We’re also committed to hiring the industry’s most accomplished leaders, and to continuously developing the incredible expertise already on our team.”

The evolution of Alpha’s look & feel supports the company’s focus on optimizing the customer experience while delivering on its promise to create exceptional and captivating experiences that make each clients’ vision possible. Our new logo, the Alpha website, social media presence, building signage, vehicle wraps, team apparel, and a host of other applications communicate an invitation to Experience Possible.

“Every day, clients come to us with a vision for what they want to accomplish,” says Groves. “Armed with an understanding of their strategic objective, we marshal our resources to make their vision possible. Often we bring their vision to life in ways the client didn’t even know were possible.”

A strategy grounded in Alpha’s multi-industry mastery.

A key insight from Alpha’s stakeholder conversations was that while some solution providers are narrowing their focus to specific markets, clients seek out Alpha for its multi-industry mastery. “They recognize the advantages that come from our breadth of capabilities and the cross-pollination of ideas from one market to another,” says Groves. “Multi-industry mastery, combined with end-to-end capabilities, enables Alpha to present clients with a broader array of possibilities.”

From Alpha’s work on complex sports stadiums and cutting-edge cloud solutions to learning centers and boardrooms, “the result is a richer and more distinctive array of solutions for our clients,” continues Groves.

About Alpha

Alpha translates visionary ideas into exceptional and captivating technology experiences. Combining multi-industry mastery with end-to-end capabilities, we serve clients in markets including casinos, broadcasting, sports, esports, corporate, government, education and more. Alpha was founded in Minneapolis in 1970 and has grown to become one of America’s premier providers of audio, video and broadcast technology solutions by continuously expanding the boundaries of what’s possible in demanding, high-visibility environments. This is at the heart of what Alpha does: We enable our clients to Experience Possible™.

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Evan Davis
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