LED Displays: The Key Component of a Sportsbook

July 12, 2023
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Stoking excitement, powering engagement


The gaming industry has embraced casino sportsbooks and for good reason. Americans love sports and enjoy betting on them, and legislative trends have facilitated the proliferation of wagering in markets across the country. Moreover, casino sportsbooks provide an ideal environment for sports betting, and LED displays are an essential component of the experience.

“Casinos and sports are a perfect pair, as the excitement happens in real-time. Short of being courtside in an arena or on the 50-yard line of a stadium, casino sportsbooks are unmatched in their ability to convey the excitement of sport. Moreover, casino display technology is unique in its ability to provide all the real-time data wagerers rely on for informed sports betting,” says Lance Hutchinson, Vice President at Alpha.



Real-Time Sports Updates

The broad appeal of LED displays in Sportsbooks owes in part to the richness of information they provide to sports wagerers. Their size, brightness, and high resolution make them ideal for showcasing live scores, odds, and betting lines, and for providing ancillary information about players, competitors, and sports news & events. Sportsbook enthusiasts take all this information into account when calculating their wagers, and sportsbook LED displays are uniquely effective at imparting a vast range of facts and figures in precisely the form that the moment calls for.

The 30ft Planar LED wall and custom ticker display at Coushatta Casino Resort’s “The Rez” Sportsbook


For the Coushatta Casino Resort’s “The Rez” sportsbook, Alpha integrated a 30-foot, 1.5mm Planar LED wall and custom sports ticket display that immerses guests in every aspect of the day’s matchups. Check out our Coushatta case study here.


Creating a vibrant casino sportsbook atmosphere

“The Rez” at the Coushatta Casino Resort in Louisiana also provides a powerful example of how casino sportsbook LED displays amp up excitement for sportsbook fans. Beyond the immersive power of the facility’s 30-foot-long, ultra-high-resolution screen, The Rez also features a 70-foot curved sports ticker outside the venue. The constant flow of scrolling information grabs guests’ attention and pulls them into the moment.

“The Rez” Sportsbook curved sports ticker.


A further asset of LED displays is the flexibility with which they can serve up sporting events. Casino sportsbook operators have the option to show literally dozens of live events simultaneously, or they can devote the entirety of the screen to a single bowl game or title fight. For Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort’s “The Book” sportsbook, Alpha created a nearly 100-foot-long LED wall capable of showing up to 48 games simultaneously.

“The Book” at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort


Effective communication and promotion

Nothing has the stopping power of LED display technology, particularly LED video walls, which combine formatting flexibility, scale, high resolution, and brightness with the ability to display endless varieties of content – particularly imagery and information that’s customized for a specific property. LEDs impress in a variety of applications, both in external displays that can fill an entire side of a building tower (see our case study about the Muckleshoot Casino Resort) and in a wide range of interior applications that range from ceiling, floor and archway integrations to the custom 360-degree circular sign we created for the Route 66 Casino’s “Route to Riches” progressive slots offering.

A custom 360-degree LED sign at Route 66 Casino’s “Route to Riches” progressive slots.


The Live Sports Viewing Experience

When sports fans gather in arenas and stadiums, the excitement can be thunderous. The same can happen in a casino sportsbook environment, where massive LED displays and audio integrations draw passionate viewers and immerse them in larger-than-life action.


But Sportsbooks take the experience even further because typically more than one event will be displayed. This allows guests to pay particular attention to the matchup about which they care the most, without denying them the ability to follow other events happening simultaneously. The result is a sports experience that’s so comprehensive and enveloping that even non-wagerers are drawn into the action.


A true point of difference for casino properties

The Sportsbook at Cherokee River Valley Casino Resort

“Sportsbooks are a natural extension of the casino guest experience,” says Dan Jared of Alpha.  “They add excitement across the casino floor, and in turn are fed by the activity that surrounds them.”

For most properties, the addition of a sportsbook is a highly desirable investment in the guest experience that can lead to a casino attracting new and different customers. All you need is the right technology partner to bring your casino sportsbook vision to life.

There are a variety of ways that LED can enhance the casino guest experience outside of just the setting of a sportsbook. To learn more about the power of LEDs in gaming environments read our article, Enhancing the Casino Guest Experience with Digital Display Technology and Content.




How can interior LED design be used to elevate the sportsbook guest experience?

LED displays provide energy that adds to the excitement of sportsbooks while delivering information that’s essential to informed decision-making by sports bettors. In both cases, LEDs’ scale, formatting flexibility, brightness, and resolution – combined with their ability to display a wide variety of content – enables casinos to provide a uniquely satisfying experience for sportsbook enthusiasts.


Why are casino sportsbooks adopting custom LED designs?


Casino sportsbooks operate in a highly competitive environment and their success depends on the degree to which they engage their guests. Custom LED designs have tremendous “stopping power” and are well-suited to communicating a wide variety of information in a form that facilities the sportsbook guest experience by providing visitors with essential information, promotes the guest experience by highlighting available amenities, and enriches the guest experience by increasing the perception of luck and winning while communicating a property’s unique character, heritage and brand.



How does Alpha make experience possible for custom LED displays?


Alpha’s multi-industry mastery, combined with decades of casino integration experience, enables the Alpha team to offer clients a wider range of possibilities to realize their vision. Alpha leverages particularly deep expertise in LED display technology. Further, it has the end-to-end capabilities necessary to design, integrate and support custom casino solutions with speed, precision, and “one throat to choke” accountability.

Evan Davis
Evan Davis
Marketing Manager at Alpha