LED Video Walls Scale Up the Casino Guest Experience

July 13, 2023
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led video wall

A tool as flexible as it is powerful.

More than any other display technology, LED video walls have the power to transform and elevate the casino guest experience. That’s because LED video walls not only deliver exceptional brightness, detail, and color accuracy at an astonishing scale, they combine those attributes with remarkable design flexibility, operational ease, and the ability to display a wide variety of content.

Casinos use LEDs in a myriad of ways, ranging from signage that can reach as high as a building, to “techorating” in lobbies, walkways, meeting facilities, and other public spaces, to the promotion and operation of specific amenities such as sportsbooks and performance venues. The possible applications are endless, but they all share one thing: an immersive power to create guest experiences that simply can’t be duplicated.


Captivating guests with spectacular visual displays


LED walls are the medium, content is the message, and together they drive awareness, engagement, and action – powerfully and efficiently. “Whether you’re using LED walls to facilitate the guest experience by providing visitors with essential information, promoting the guest experience by highlighting casino amenities, or enriching the guest experience by increasing the perception of luck and winning, the impact of this technology is undeniable,” says Kevin Higginbotham of Alpha. “LED Walls drive guests to spend more time at a casino property. They influence them to return more often. And the impression they make causes guests to talk about and want to share that experience with others.”

The technology can be employed very precisely as a means to impart information that’s essential to specific casino amenities such as sportsbooks, or more broadly as “techorating”  that’s experienced by all guests. For the Muckleshoot Casino Resort, Alpha designed and integrated a 40-foot by 50-foot oval LED display into the ceiling of the porte-cochere.

The Porte Cochere Entrance at Muckleshoot Casino Resort


Half of it extended into the casino lobby, where two 165-inch wall displays and five LED-wrapped pillars welcomed visitors with custom, synchronized content. And for a new resort tower at the same property, alpha created a 96-foot by 35-foot 3,360-square foot exterior display that extended from the 7th to the 18th floor.

The 96ft x 35ft exterior display at Muckleshoot Casino Resort


Delivering dynamic information and entertainment



Paired with the appropriate control technology, LED video walls deliver dynamic information and entertainment with unsurpassed power – keeping guests entertained, informed, and engaged.

When the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, Mexico, introduced its “Route to Riches progressive slots offering, it engaged Alpha to promote the amenity within an environment that was already visually dense. To stand out in this setting, Alpha proposed a 360-degree circular sign featuring dynamic content that alerted customers to the jackpot totals and directed them to the new “Route to Riches” zone. The solution, featuring Planar’s CarbonLight™ CLI Flex™ bendable LED modules, delivered off-angle viewing clarity, smooth playback of motion video, and high brightness.

A custom 360-degree LED sign at Route 66 Casino’s “Route to Riches” progressive slots.

LED video wall technology also brought the Coushatta Resort’s The Rez Sportsbook to life with a 30-foot, 1.5mm Planar LED wall and custom sports ticket display, plus a 70-foot curved sports ticker outside the venue.


Transforming spaces with themed content customized for LED video walls.

For many property owners and operators, casinos are more than gaming environments. The uniqueness of their property’s architecture, design, and branded content can impart essential information about the values, heritage, and character of their creators.  

The Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, for example, commissioned a spectacular animation that allowed visitors to look up at displays that ran from the walls across the ceiling of a highly-trafficked walkway. Guests had the sensation of being on a river floor, watching salmon – a fish that figures prominently in the Tribe’s heritage – swimming above them.

Muckleshoot Casino Resort Custom Content for LED Display Archways from Render Impact by SPI on Vimeo.

Alpha’s end-to-end capabilities, comprised of both technology and content creation, enable Alpha to harness the power of video walls to highlight the uniqueness of each client’s vision. In so doing, guests are transported to a realm far outside their daily experience – a world to which they are eager to return.


Enhancing live events and performances


Away from the gaming floor, LED video walls are used by casinos to create world-class live-event and performance experiences. The technology is particularly well suited to serve as a backdrop for musical and theatrical shows, where it can set the mood for the performance, or for a particular number. At presentations and conferences, it can display images and text that reinforce the messaging of the presenter.

In addition to serving as a backdrop, video walls are often integrated on either side of a stage and used to highlight or magnify what’s happening there. In so doing, they heighten the quality of the experience for all attendees, ensuring an intimate experience even for those in the “nosebleed” sections of the venue.



Delivering an experience unlike any other 


LED video walls have a power unlike any other display technology, but their real impact lies in the way casinos and their technology partners employ them as part of a larger orchestration involving sound integration, digital signage, IPTV, tickers, and other audio-visual tools. The harmonization of communication technologies is a force multiplier for casinos, and no element is more important than LED video walls.

To learn more about the impact that LED can have on the casino guest experience, read our article, Enhancing the Casino Guest Experience with Digitial Display Technology and Content.



How do LED video walls enhance the overall casino experience?


LED video walls have a uniquely potent visual impact, and when harnessed strategically they are unparalleled in their ability to drive awareness, engagement, and action among casino guests. Applications extend from exterior signage to highly targeted interior applications ranging from “techorating ” in public spaces to facilitating the operation of specific casino amenities like sportsbooks and theatrical venues. Casinos seek to provide guest experiences that prompt visitors to stay longer when they visit the property, return more often to the property, and promote the casino when they are away from the property. LED video walls are highly effective tools to achieve those objectives.



Why types of content can be showcased on LED video walls in casinos?


Working with a technology partner like Alpha and a content creation partner like Render Impact, casinos have the ability to showcase endless varieties of content, which can be categorized in various ways. For one thing, LED walls are well-suited as exterior signage due to the technology’s remarkable brightness, sharpness, and scalability. The LED installation Alpha created for the Muckleshoot Casino Resort’s hotel tower is several stories high and makes the property visible from miles away. The same technology is ideal for displaying custom-branded content that expresses the heritage, values, and character of a property, or  “techorating ” that works in combination with other design elements to create a unique ambiance. In addition, LED walls are often used to display content that is essential to specific casino amenities, such as sportsbooks, where bettors need ready visual access to sports scores, statistics, and news.



How do LED video walls contribute to the theming and ambiance of a casino?


LED video walls can function as design elements, or “techorating ,” showing custom-created content that creates a specific ambiance or communicates important facts about the heritage, ideals, values, and aesthetics of a property. Their scale and flexibility of formatting is such that they can be used in a wide variety of settings, from vast planes to underused “dead zones,” to oddly shaped nooks and crannies. Moreover, LED video walls can be paired with control systems that allow for easy, “on the fly” operation as well as scheduled applications of imagery. That flexibility, combined with the inherent power of the display, allows LED video walls to contribute to a property’s theming and ambiance in ways that are both powerful and varied.



How are LED video walls used during live events and performances in casinos?


LED video walls are used in two principal ways during live events and performances in casinos. First, the technology is particularly well suited to serve as a backdrop. For musical and theatrical shows, it can set the mood for the performance, or for a particular number. At presentations and conferences, it can display images and text that reinforce the messaging of the presenter. Additionally, LED video walls can be integrated on either side of a stage and used to highlight or magnify what’s happening there. In so doing, they heighten the quality of the experience for all attendees, ensuring an intimate experience even for those in the “nosebleed” sections of the venue. However the technology is used, the result can elevate even ordinary venues into extraordinary environments for the enjoyment of live events and performances.



Who does Alpha partner with to achieve these visually stunning projects?


As an end-to-end solution provider with capabilities from concepting, design, and integration to service and support, Alpha partners with a wide range of vendors to create stunning LED video wall applications. A key collaborator is a company called Render Impact, a creator of high-impact content for LED and video wall displays. To make our clients’ visions possible, we work closely from a project’s outset, beginning with discovery, to gain a thorough understanding of what our clients hope to achieve and to fully explore the universe of possibilities that are available to us.

Evan Davis
Evan Davis
Marketing Manager at Alpha